What is Teen Patti Game? And How To Play Teen Patti Gold?


Teenpatti (also spelled Teenpathi and sometimes referred to as Flash) is a gaming card game which originated in India and became popular in Southeast Asia. Teenpatti is India's spin on 3 card poker and is equal to 3-card brag which is a favorite in the UK.

The Position Of Hands In Teen Patti Game

Cards of the same rank. Three experts are the best trio, and three twos would be the cheapest.

Straight run
Three consecutive cards of the same suit. Ace may be utilized in the run A-2-3, which is the greatest straight run. 2-A-K is not valid conduct.

Normal run
Three sequential cards, not all the same suit. A-2-3 is your best normal run, subsequently A-K-Q, K-Q-J and so forth down to 4-3-2. 2-A-K is not valid.

Any three cards of the same suit. When comparing two colors, compare the maximum card if these are equal compare the second; if these are equal too, compare the lowest. Thus the highest color is A-K-J, and the lowest is 5-3-2.

2 cards of the same rank. Between two such hands, compare the set, then the odd card if these are equivalent. The highest pair hand is so A-A-K, and the lowest is 2-2-3. Compare the highest card first, then the next highest, then the lowest. The ideal hand of this type is A-K-J of mixed suits, and the worst is 5-3-2.

Experts are ranked the highest and two's are the lowest. This game aims to have the most efficient 3-card hand and also to maximize the pot before the showdown. Three aces are the highest and three two's will be the lowest.

Pure Sequence (Straight Flush): Three consecutive cards of the Exact Same suit.

Shade (Flush): Three cards of the same suit that aren't in sequence. When comparing two colors, first examine the maximum card. If those are equal, compare the second and when these are equal compare the cheapest. Highest flush is A-K-J, and the lowest glow is 5-3-2.

Pair (two of some type): Two cards of the Exact Same rank. Between 2 pairs, the one with the higher value is your winner. When the pairs are of equal value, then the kicker card decides the winner. The maximum pair is A-A-K and the lowest is 2-2-3.

High Card: A hand in which the 3 cards aren't in sequence, not all the same suit and no two cards have the same rank. If two players share a universal high card, then the next highest card is utilized to ascertain the winner. The greatest high card hand could be an AKJ of different suits, and also the worst is 5-3-2.

The game and gambling process: The dealer has been chosen randomly, and cards are dealt clockwise with players taking turns around the table. Each player can either put an extra wager on the table to stay in or bet fold and nothing. Everyone is dealt three cards, and the boot is automatically deducted from every player and added to the kettle at the start of the match. Pot is the selection of cash in the middle of this table. Players have the choice to look at their hand before betting (playing seen) or to leave their cards face down on the table (representing blind). Blind players can click "watch" to view their cards at any moment during the game. Once a blind participant sees their cards, they turned into a player that is favorite. The amount which you need to put in at your turn to keep in the game depends on the current stake, and whether you are playing blind or seen. At the start of the match, the current bet is the minimum wager. Throughout the match, the present stake is the wager placed by the player who bet before you. If you're a blind participant (you have not looked at your cards)

In the event the player that bet before you're seen, you should wager at least half of the current stake OR bet the current stake.

In the event the participant that bet before you're blind, you must wager at least the current stake OR bet double the current stake.
Example (when playing blind): (a) if the participant before you're seen and bet 10, you can wager either 5 or 10 (b) in the event the participant before you are blind and bet 10, you can wager either 10 or even 20

if you're a teen player

If the participant that wager before you're seen, you must bet at least the current bet OR bet double the current bet.

In the event the player before you bet blind, then you must wager at least two times the current stake OR wager four times the current bet. In this case, the last surviving player wins all the money in the bud, irrespective of the cards held and his cards are not exposed to anybody.

All except two players fold and among the final two players at their turn pay to get a show. In cases like this, the cards of the players have been exposed and compared along with the player with the better hand wins. If both players have the same hand, then the player who did not ask for the series wins.

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A series can't occur until all but two players have dropped out.

The present stake is that the bet set by the player who bet before you.

If you are a blind player

If another player is blind, then you can request a show for the current bet.

When another participant is seen, you can request a show for half of the current stake.

In either case, you do not have to check over your cards until after you have paid for the show.

If you're a seen player

When another player is blind, then you can request a series for twice the current stake.

When the other player is viewed, you can request a show for the current bet.

In a series, the two players' cards are exposed, along with the player whose hands is higher ranking wins the pot. If the sides are equal, the player who did not pay for the show wins the pot.

Sideshow (Compromise): You can only request a compromise if you and the player that bet before you're playing noticed. The player can accept or decline your sideshow request. If you do not have sufficient cash to match the current chance, you can't request a sideshow.

When the sideshow petition is accepted, both players involved individually compare their cards, and the player with the lower hand is forced to fold.

When the sideshow is refused, the player requesting the sideshow should bet to stay in the game or fold.

Running out of money:

If you run out of money, you can keep on playing or fold. To continue playing, you can bring more money into the table out of your primary account, or you could go all-in. A side pot is a different pot to which not all players aren't eligible to win. Side pots occur when a participant goes all-in, and other players continue to bet over the all-in participant. Independent showdowns arise for each side pot and the primary pot, and players not eligible to acquire a particular pot do not participate in the showdown because of it.

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